Editorial : MonsOlympus – Improving the Autodesk 3ds Max Experience

In the following article I will be discussing out-of-the-box 3ds Max versions only. I do appreciate many users have plugins or modified interfaces they prefer and welcome people to suggest their favourites in the comments. They wont however be discussed in this part of this article but I do plan to follow up and will try to include anyones suggestions and/or discussion points later especially regarding sections of the software I use less often. I mainly use 3ds Max for modelling so this discussion will revolve around that more than other areas such as animation. I will try to get ... Read More

SFM Doodles Episode 0 – Game Development Small Steps for the Gamer

Timelapsed version of the 35 minute show and tell. Full version with audio (Trob and Blue) is below. If you have a fun request for a scene, you can email blue@youcanblue.com! Episode 0 (A technical test) of SFM Doodles with Trobzombie - a series on using the Valve SFM editor for people perhaps interested in games and interested in level design and animation but who do not have experience yet with 3d applications, complex game engines and the like. Follow along with Trob and his ENORMOUS ponytail (pics on request) as he demonstrates the simple way to use Valve's SFM ... Read More

Awesome Artist Profiles – David Lesperance

One of my favorite hard surface artists has definitely got to be David Lesperance of Valve Software. (Formerly Blizzard and 343 Industries) Over the years he's worked on numerous major titles such as Halo 4, World of Warcraft, and Diablo 3. The level of detail found in his mechanical and environment art is pretty staggering, and is a great example for artists everywhere and I would definitely recommend checking out some of his personal work here: http://david-lesperance.squarespace.com/ Detail is clearly king here, and there's no shortage of it, especially with mechanical shapes, the more detail it has then the more ... Read More

Less than a month to go!

It's now less than a month and there is a lot going on at You Can Blue! As I slowly get ready to set the old site adrift on the river, set it on fire and watch the phoenix rise from the flames as this site, there is still a LOT of work to be done to get it all ready! So can you help? Maybe... If you would like to help us then send an email to us and tell us what you think you can do to help. We are pretty busy here so please keep it to ... Read More

Blue Can Learn. The Water Temple 1 – Unreal Engine 4. Timelapse and Full Video

Check out the timelapse above - this is a short build demonstration, in this example I show how to make a scene of a visual water temple to get you used to the tools. During the process of building I use several packs including The Sculpted Rock Pack, The Grasslands Pack (free) and the Water Planes pack. The full video, which you can watch (on the right) is just under an hour long with full audio. About the AuthorBlueFounder of Youcanblue as well as the founder of a large legacy training site for 3d artists, Blue is a well known ... Read More

Mad Max : Fury Road and its non reliance on too much CG.

So.  At one end of the spectrum (and in this author's opinion it is by far the wrong end) we have George Lucas and his ill-fated Star Wars prequels - were I to show you a compilation of pre-effects shots from those, it would mostly be Sam Jackson talking to a stick while walking slowly and looking sad in an entirely green room - AND YOU KNOW THAT I'M RIGHT. This is why films that rely entirely on CGI hardly ever work - a set that is virtual does not feel 'real' - possibly because the camera does not appear ... Read More

Upcoming Unity Feature – Progressive Lightmap Baking

This link will open outside of YouCanBlue.com - here. This is an experimental upcoming feature for Unity that is available as a bleeding edge test for some users.  The footage at the moment available is quite old, however you can see that the tool allows lighting calculations of the baking of the lightmap in real time by progressively baking it in a similar manner to KeyShot, Iray, Arnold and various other RT renderers. We are not currently sure when this will be available in Unity for all users however we expect that it will be fairly soon. For more information ... Read More

5 Reasons why making free tutorials sucks compared to 10 years ago.

Free tutorials! What an idea! Back in the 'good old days' of 3d tutorials, all you needed to do was release a video tutorial - sometimes even with you explaining what you are doing - then wait for all that student adulation and sweet advertising revenue to roll on in. So, what is stopping you from firing up Camtasia and getting that tutorial you always wanted people to learn from? Well... probably nothing however a lot has changed in 10 years and the tutorial scene is a wierd place now... 5.  Self hosting your video is a nightmare. Ten years ... Read More

Amazon Lumberyard Shown Off at Siggraph 2016 reel

Kevin Ashman, Technical Evangelist, Lumberyard, gives a demo of the Lumberyard Editor, including Lumberyard’s content and animation workflow in this 20 minute streaming video. Amazon Lumberyard is a free cross-platform triple-A game engine developed by Amazon and based on the architecture of CryEngine, which was licensed from Crytek in 2015. The engine features integration with Amazon Web Services to allow developers to build or host their games on Amazon’s servers, as well as support for livestreaming via Twitch. The source code is available to end users with limitations: users may not publicly release the Lumberyard engine source code or use it to release … Read More

You can Blue!

Hi!  Welcome to www.youcanblue.com!  This website is dedicated to bringing tips directly from me to you – whats hot in the industry, what tools are best to use, what’s coming out soon and even what packs are looking good and which ones look… well… not good in the marketplaces for your game engine of choice! On top of that there will be news, reviews, tips, tutorials (free and premium) as well as features aimed at smaller game developers looking to help promote their work! So please feel welcome here at You Can Blue!  We are all about the community and … Read More