Review – The Sculpted Rock Pack by Danny Kauer

“The perfect marriage of function and form at a price point that makes it essential for any artist.” Overall Score95% Version of Unreal Engine Used : 4.13.2 Plugin Version Compatibility : 4.5 - 4.13.2 Early on in using Unreal Engine 4, I realized that I would really need to get my hands on some good assets in order to speed up my workflow. I am by no means a ‘cookie cutter’ developer; I like detailed scenery, beautiful landscapes and character to my scenes, and in my opinion throwing a lot of purchased assets into a scene is not going to ... Read More

Timelapse Cooldown 3 – The Imperial Knight’s Torso

It's that time of the week again!  Get your malt whiskey, a cohibas cigar and your comfiest slippers and enjoy 17 minutes of relaxing music while watching a timelapse from the 3d-Palace legacy collection - again this time it is the turn of the Imperial Knight set however next week we will be exploring the Cutty Sark or the Dreadnought, depending on what people ask for! Tune in, lie back and enjoy - and please use the comments to ask for any specific timelapses from our legacy collections.

Adobe Project Felix Announced

It certainly is the season for new release announcements! Today Adobe has announced Project Felix - a new toolset that will enable the artist to create photorealistic composites using 3D assets such as materials, models and lighting setups while at the same time using 2d images. The first release of Felix, which is now available for you to download (Mac or Windows 10) is a somewhat stripped down workflow that allows you to place 3d objects into the world space over any background image. The system allows for importation and manipulation of 3d objects inside of the application as well as ... Read More

Substance Source from Allegorithmic is Released

Today Allegorithmic has announced the introduction of Substance Source, their new materials library that integrates into their existing software suite. In the words of Sébastien Deguy, founder of Allegorithmic; "Substance Source is what we envision when we talk about what a library of materials should be. A library that doesn’t impose a specific technique or style. A library that contains all kinds of materials, whether hand-painted, scanned or procedural – or a mix thereof. Whatever the type, what really matters is the quality, diversity, and customizability of this content." To this end Allegorithmic has started to create an online set ... Read More

Microsoft Surface Studio – Hipster Game Developer Game Changer?

The Microsoft Surface Studio has just recently been announced which gave me a few days to mull over what must be one of the most out of left field showings, and one that many people think may well have the power to overtake a flagging Apple, certainly with regard to their often below par support of the VFX industry with their workstations. So, what is the Microsoft Surface Pro and why should we care?  Well, and please remember this is an EDITORIAL, let us look firstly at what makes this a game changer in this author's humble opinion by starting ... Read More

Goodbye 3d-palace Old Friend

Gone but not forgottenIt was 15 years ago as of Halloween 2016 than 3d-palace first officially came to the internet - the site had in fact been going for some 3 weeks prior to Halloween however about the 31st a popular user on 3DBuzz (which was trending extremely heavily at the time) had posted on their forums leading to 500 people signing up on 3d-palace over the next two weeks. What was 3d-palace?  Well it was more of a concept, an idea and an ideal.  The site was supposed to be a place where people who wanted to learn more ... Read More

Timelapse Cooldown 2 – The Imperial Knight’s Leg

WELCOME to the timelapse cooldown part 2! Had a stressful week? Looking to unwind? Join us for some smooth music and a timelapse to relax and perhaps even get some inspiration from. This week we are looking at the Imperial Knight again - this time the upper leg! In the tutorial that this is timelapsed from you would be looking at probably about 5 hours or thereabouts of leg modelling and rigging and a lot of complex explanations about what is happening. NOT IN TIMELAPSE COOLDOWN. 11 minutes of relaxing timelapse showing lots of complex hard surface things going on, ... Read More

The Road to SFM 2 – Halloween Horror Goodness!

NOTE - TrobZombie sometimes uses swears.  Offended people please be aware and use the mute accordingly. Welcome to the second ROAD TO SFM!  A Halloween spook special on how to use the Source Film Maker for anyone interested in learning game development without having to start with cumbersome and massive game engines!  Source Filmmaker (abbreviated as SFM) is a video capture and editing application that works from inside the Source game engine. In this, the second episode (and we apologise for some continuity problems near the 50 minute mark) TrobZombie swears an awful lot while explaining how to create a ... Read More

Interview With Matthew Trevelyan Johns from Foundry 42

YouCanBlue is massively grateful to have the opportunity to interview Foundry 42 (Star Citizen)'s own Matthew Trevelyan Johns, senior environment artist (the one that makes cool spaceship cabins and other awesome stuff) and all round really nice guy about his work, his influences and how he got into the industry.  Get yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and a bit of chocolate and read on. What benefits do you find with using Quixel and Megascans in your workflow? I do enjoy using Quixel products, I mainly use Quixels DDO, I’ve not yet had a chance to play with ... Read More

Review – Quixel Megascans

Website : And Quixel ( just recently released their Megascans part of the Quixel suite via the website This was something that this reviewer was personally very interested to see as it promised a great deal through its glossy teaser videos and the word of mouth that had been spreading and therefore an impulse buy of nearly $20 later (per month) I was ready to start checking out the goods... So let's start out with what Quixel Megascans is and what it is not. Megascans is a library of assets created by the clever people over at ... Read More

Nintendo Switch, Unreal Engine and the Indie Developer – GameDev News

The Nintendo Switch has just been announced and this heralds a new and exciting time for the indie game developer. The new system features Nvidia technology and will be compatible with the latest game engine technology, including the Unreal Engine which we know is a favorite of many of our viewers. This means that there is a whole world of awesome games that can be made and as a game developer or artist you can be at the forefront of development, with Unreal Engine 4 almost certainly being updated soon to allow builds for the latest Nintendo lovechild. Even for ... Read More

The Timelapse Cooldown 1 – Imperial Knight Leg

Welcome to this week's Timelapse Cooldown. Had a busy day and want to listen to some chillout music while watching awesome modelling timelapses? You came to the right place! This week's timelapse cooldown is created using the tutorial The Imperial Knight for 3ds Max. This timelapse shows how the entire lower leg is made while letting you relax to various chillout numbers, including some rather lovely piano, some trumpet blues, a bit of slow dubstep and a few other tracks on this 15 minute journey into relaxation. You can also buy the non timelapsed full tutorial section that this covers ... Read More

Road to SFM Part 1 – Pyro Wallpaper

Welcome to the ROAD TO SFM!  A series on how to use the Source Film Maker for anyone interested in learning game development without having to start with cumbersome and massive game engines!  Source Filmmaker (abbreviated as SFM) is a video capture and editing application that works from inside the Source game engine. The tool, created by Valve Corporation, was used to create over 50 animated shorts for its Source games, including Team Fortress 2, the Left 4 Dead series, and Half-Life 2. On June 27, 2012, Valve released a free open beta version of the SFM to the gaming ... Read More

Free – Android Wallpaper Using Unreal Engine, A Set of Lessons with Blue

Start Your Engines... Difficulty15% This set of lessons is suitable for someone who has only just started using Unreal Engine and has no developed skills yet. Using this short course will teach you how to create an animated Android Wallpaper in about an hour. Tools used are; Unreal Engine (free) Unreal Engine Sculpted Rock Pack (optional) Unreal Engine Zombie1 Pack (optional) Unreal Engine Water resource pack (free) AnimGif for Android (free version) Remember - there should be nothing holding you back - this set of lessons will teach you important skills such as; Managing your project Placing assets to make ... Read More