Star Wars : Rogue One – A Review of the CG by Wayne Robson

THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS VERY SERIOUS SPOILERS FOR ROGUE ONE, SO IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT GO AWAY UNTIL YOU HAVE.  First up let me say that as usual my opinions are my own and not those of any clients or employers past or present.  Secondly let me say that I am reviewing this purely from a visual effects standpoint only.  (Although I may touch on a couple of other things).  Thirdly let me get out of the way the fact that I think this is a fantastic film. The visual effects as one would expect from Industrial Light and ... Read More

Timelapse Cooldown 5 – Unreal Engine 4 mystery island.

WELCOME to the YouCanBlue Timelapse Cooldown number five!  In this timelapse Blue will take you on a journey creating a mysterious island in Unreal Engine 4 using free assets and the Rocks pack from Danny Kauer.  Enough words - have a watch now... The full video is about 55 minutes long before processing into a timelapse and will be available shortly via its own page on the Learning tab of the youcanblue website.  Apologies to all regulars who enjoy the YCB timelapse cooldowns, more will be coming however it has been a busy season as you can imagine and we ... Read More

YCB Presents – The bad side of working in VFX and computer games by Wayne Robson

Share this PostThe views do not represent those of any clients past present or future. This article is presented for informational purposes only.Wayne RobsonThere are a lot of fallacies about the Game and visual FX industries, most of them glossing over some rather important details of the reality of things. After well over 20 years in the industry (and to be honest sort of on the wind down of my career). I’ve been lucky enough to work in roles such as Senior Artist, Lead Artist and 3D supervisor (amongst many others) for over two decades now at a variety of ... Read More

YCB Presents – A Rock Tutorial for ZB and UE4 by Danny Kauer plus Interview!

This is a great tutorial by Danny Kauer, creator of several high grade asset packs on the Unreal Engine marketplace.  This tutorial will show you in stages how Danny goes about creating realistic rocks for use in game engines including Unreal Engine 4, Lumberyard and Unity3d. There is an interview with Danny further down the page so scroll down once you are finished and read up! Hi, my name is Danny and i want you to show how I make Rocks for the Unreal Engine 4. I use Zbrush 3ds Max and Photoshop, so lets get started! I begin in ... Read More

The Holiday Blues – Artists and Depression

The blues, depression, the black dog days.  These are all a thing that most artists will have to face at one time or another for various reasons however the main one to watch out for is the holiday season.  Christmas, Hannukka, Mawlid al-Nabi or whatever reason you have for a traditional gathering.  However as an artist - especially if you are in indie developer, freelance artist or hard working student - this season can be particularly difficult. Money issues exist for us all however they seem to really become an issue to us at this time of the year when additional ... Read More

Underground Compound Series – Learn to make FPS levels in Unreal Engine 4, Part 2

Feeling impatient? You can watch the timelapse of Chapter 2 and get an idea what is going on here. ...Or you can get your feet wet right away and watch the full timelapse with narration by Blue. Hi there!  Welcome to Chapter Two of our FREE set on how to make game FPS game levels inside of Unreal Engine 4.  This chapter is going to take you into using blueprints today in order to do some special functions! You can watch Chapter 1 here if you have not seen it yet. Using the Blueprint Editor in Unreal Engine 4 gives ... Read More

Game Engines of the Gods – The Last of Us 2

It certainly looks like Naughty Dog is set to pull another number one release out of its hat with the recently announced Last of Us 2, the sequel just announced to one of the most popular games of 2013, which has in turn led to the release of a remaster on PS4 and now of course the much anticipated sequel featuring it's main protagonists from the previous game, Ellie and Joel - however this article is not here to discuss the characters or indeed the game itself particually, instead focusing on the game engine itself. The game engine used for ... Read More

Underground Compound Series – Learn to make FPS levels in Unreal Engine 4, Part 1.

Feeling impatient? You can watch the timelapse of Workbench 1 and get an idea what is going on here. ...Or you can get your feet wet right away and watch the full timelapse with narration by Blue. Overall DifficultyNot hard at all!DESCRIPTION : Putting the art back into Level Design, welcome to Workbench part 1, where Blue is going to show you how to create your empty basic FPS level for running around and shooting your default UE4 Gun.  The game at this point is a singleplayer experience with no real detail in the level or gameplay mechanics. The overall ... Read More

The Road to SFM 3 – Doofus The Scout

Share this PostIn this, the third of our YCB Road to SFM series, Trob with the able assistance of Blue show you how to use SMF from Valve Software to create awesome renders - in this case Doofus the Scout and his three sniper friends...  But it's not all just for fun watching Doofus and his imminent demise.  This set also teaches you some useful skills thanks to the back and forth between Blue and Trob in exploring game development from a gamer's perspective (Trob). Initially using rigged models the scene is set up and the models lit using a four ... Read More

VRay for Modo Point Update Released

The latest point release for Modo has just been announced by Chaosgroup.  If you are a Modo user then there are a lot of new features that you can start to try out and use right away, so go get it - an interesting new feature is the alSurface material which is currently experimental. New Features General Support for MODO 10.2v1 Added a command that consolidates all V-Ray assets (like .vrmesh files) into the same directory as the .lxo scene. The command can be found in the V-Ray Menu. Added a command to re-link V-Ray assets. The command can be ... Read More

Your $70 Personal Assistant – A Productivity Guide for 3D Artists and Game Developers

I am a disorganised person - and let's face it, most of us are. Given the opportunity, I would LOVE to be able to delegate most of the humdrum organisation that I normally do to an assistant so that I can get on with the important things (ie the things I enjoy) rather than the mediocre things (ie the things that enable me to have time to do the things I enjoy). Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a PA. To just be able to say "OK Google" (bear with me...) and have your attentive PA take a note, set ... Read More

3DPLC – The Cutty Sark Set

Scroll down for download link...The Cutty Sark Legacy Lesson Set contains all of the lessons on video to create the Cutty Sark as well as containing copies of the original plans for the Cutty Sark, Work in progress shots, (read more...)Woot, you are still hereall of the model files for 3ds Max plus helpful renders and more! Scroll to the bottom of this page for your link (if you are an LSM)Become an LSM!But I'm Not a Sponsor!That's ok, becoming a Legacy Sponsor Member (LSM) is easy. Just mouse over this message and click on the button to be taken ... Read More

Timelapse Cooldown 4 – The Cutty Sark

Get your relax on again with another awesome Timelapse Cooldown from YouCanBlue - relaxing music and interesting hard surface combined to make something amazing that you can relax to!  Get out a mug of warming cocoa (it is winter at the moment) and put on your toastiest slippers and relax with 20 minutes of sweet cooldown music combined with awesome 3d. Mmmm Share this PostAbout the AuthorBlueFounder of Youcanblue as well as the founder of a large legacy training site for 3d artists, Blue is a well known and liked member of the 3d and game development community.

The Indie Game Developer on a Budget – Some Tips

The Indie Game Developer on a Budget. Now let's not start out on a false pretense... you need a computer, and you need one that can run todays video games ideally - not necessarily on their highest setting of course; My own computer is a first generation i7 with a GeForce 760 I purchased second-hand However, if you are using a game computer I have two recommendations that you may need to beg, borrow (money from grandma) or steal (from your college fund / next month's mortgage payment) in order to get. This is assuming you have the graphics card ... Read More