Seamless Transition: Bringing Your 3ds Max Models to UE5

Description: Unlock the potential of your 3ds Max models by integrating them seamlessly into Unreal Engine 5. This tutorial demystifies the process, ensuring your assets look and function perfectly in a game environment.


  • Duration: Under 10 minutes
  • Version: UE5.2 and compatible with older versions
  • Author: Cris Robson, a dedicated game developer with decades of experience in 3D modeling and game design.

About the Tutorial: If you’ve amassed a collection of 3ds Max models or other FBX assets, this guide is your key to bringing them into the dynamic world of UE5. Learn how to import, adapt, and optimize your models, ensuring they’re game-ready. Whether you’re importing a single mesh or a multipart asset, this tutorial has you covered.

Accessibility: Ideal for artists transitioning from 3D modeling to game development, as well as experienced game developers looking to integrate diverse assets.

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