Unlocking the Secrets of History: Join Industry Expert Cris Robson on a Journey to Gather Inspiration and Reference Material in Israel

As an industry expert in the field of 3D modeling and game development, I am excited to announce that I will be embarking on a journey to Israel in order to gather reference material and inspiration for my work. During my trip, I will be visiting historical sites such as Jerusalem, Masada, Tel Aviv, and the Dead Sea, where I will be capturing reference photographs and gathering inspiration for my projects.

The historical sites in Israel offer a wealth of inspiration for those working on creating historically accurate and detailed environments. From the ancient ruins of Masada to the bustling streets of Tel Aviv, the references and inspiration I gather will provide valuable resources for 3D artists and game developers looking to create believable and immersive worlds.

Additionally, the unique landscape and geological formations found at the Dead Sea will also serve as valuable reference material for those working on natural environments. These references will provide valuable insights into how to create detailed and accurate landscapes that accurately represent real-world locations.

Upon my return, I will be making this reference material available on my website, 3d-palace, for the benefit of the 3D modeling and game development community. Whether you’re working on a historical game or just looking for inspiration for your next project, be sure to check out the references from my trip to Israel on 3d-palace.

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