The Wickie Gets an Atmosphere Boost: Weather and Materials in UE5

Hey, folks! We’ve got some exciting news about The Wickie, our chilling horror game set on a remote Scottish island. We’ve been working hard to level up the atmosphere using Unreal Engine 5, and we’re thrilled to share our progress with you. Get ready for dynamic weather and material instances that make Pandora’s Rock feel more alive than ever! Plus, we’ve got some stunning screenshots to show you the effects in action.

You’ve never seen weather like this in a game before! We’ve been tinkering with The Wickie’s dynamic weather systems to make the island even more mysterious and spooky. As you explore, you’ll encounter ever-changing weather conditions like rain, snow, and fog, which really crank up the eeriness. And the best part? These atmospheric elements also impact gameplay, keeping you on your toes.

To make our creepy island even more immersive, we’ve added dynamic material instances. This means that assets in the game will respond to weather conditions in real-time. So when it rains, surfaces get wet and reflective, and when it snows, objects build up a layer of snow. It’s all about making Pandora’s Rock feel more real and responsive, drawing you deeper into the game’s spine-chilling narrative.

Want to see these wicked weather effects in action? We’ve been streaming gameplay and testing The Wickie in Unreal Engine 5, giving you a front-row seat to watch the dynamic weather and material instances come to life. Plus, your feedback is invaluable to us as we continue to develop the game. So drop by the live streams and let us know what you think!

We’re stoked about the atmospheric upgrades we’ve made to The Wickie using Unreal Engine 5, and we can’t wait for you to experience the moody world of Pandora’s Rock. Keep an eye on the 3D-Palace blog for more updates, and don’t forget to check out the screenshots we’ve included to see the weather effects in all their glory. Happy gaming!

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