The Wickie – Tests and Bugs today

Illustration for a video game development website. The image is of a Lovecraftian themed set of video game designs on the wall of an indie studio, with a game developer looking at the images and taking notes.

Golly its been a while eh. A week in Bulgaria on a holiday I had to cut short meant I had some time to do more tests on Day 3, and it looks great. Buggy though. The main issue is the collision system as it relates to the system I am using for looking at things.

At the moment, when a player enters an area where they can perceive something, ie an interesting tree, they have to step into an invisible volume that then checks the players current modified perception score (a hidden variable that the player cannot adjust themselves without learning things etc). If that check is passed then the player is given a prompt of a question mark on screen which means that the player can press the action button to read the description and look at the item they are percieving.

Problem with that is, even if the player fails, the perception area is still there. This means that it is occupying a collision channel, which means that things like doors that may be inside of this volume are unable to run.

The solution to this is to take the blueprint that is controlling the action and make it a “one shot”. At the end of its use, even if the player has not passed the perception, the system will not currently give them a second shot at it, so what the use of having it still as a valid and loaded resource?

So the solution? On completion of the test or on completion of the descriptive event the actor is destroyed. Job done!

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