Todays Bugs List. Day 2. 30/5/23

There are more than a few bugs to fix up on Day 2, so I have decided to pop them in a list here. Writing or typing things down helps cement them in memory and also provides a log which is a help.

  • Jacks rotation is wrong. Needs to be set so he does not move on calling dialogue.
  • Items that can not be interacted with, KEY. FLASHLIGHT. BACKPACK. TEMPLE DOOR.
  • Consider adjustment of main lighting.
  • Trim back the ivy on the main house / LH
  • Hole where meshes meet at the top of the stairs / platform that leads to smugglers run
  • Statues are not necessary in upper LH House
  • New deer are not moving. I will remove them as there must be a navmesh issue.
  • Particle signs are not optimised or useful
  • Block end of OB Tunnel
  • Adjust Neil dialogue
  • Adjust Neville dialogue
  • Add missing sailor (Nathan or Nigel cannot remember)
  • Sheet of paper based clues will be better than the cumbersome books system I feel

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