The Wickie; Journey of a Lighthouse Keeper New Trailer!

In The Wickie; Journey of a lighthouse keeper, you journey to Pandora’s Rock, an island in the Outer Hebrides, to take up duty as a lighthouse keeper back in 1936.
Over a two-week period, you will perform the duties of a lighthouse keeper, while also uncovering mystery and adventure in this multi-layered isolated, magical, and mysterious yet breathtakingly beautiful remote Scottish paradise.

Pandora’s Rock is 4km square, inhabited by beautiful local flora and fauna. An abandoned village and community lies on the western shore near the old quay, while to the east a large broch stands forboding. Mysterious standing stones on the southwest peninsula lead past esoteric statues, the origins of which are long lost.

You will come across unusual characters on your journey. Uncover strange pasts, and hidden secrets and obtain the trust of those who might be able to help you. But be wary. Is there something more going on under the surface? Talk to people, get clues, solve puzzles and find out more as you interact with your environment in fully realized open world 3d.

The Sapphire Sea : Paul Whitman Orchestra
The Summoning : Amanda Robson

The game releases October 2022 and in the meantime, keep your eyes open for the demo, coming in June!


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