The Stormtalon for 3ds Max V1.0 Tutorial

This is the Stormtalon for 3ds Max – V1.0 Tutorial by Lee Beran (Leebles) of 3d-palace. This is a twenty part tutorial set suitable for the intermediate spaceship builder wanting to really progress their skills and create some really effective hard surface pieces.

Coming in at under 80,000 polygons, the final model is highly suitable for AAA Next Game use as an asset. It is also detailed enough to use in your own cutscene screation, use as a background asset and so forth. Because this is based IP from Games Workshop we must remind you that this is not a model you can 3d print should you want to use it in the physical game.

The FBX file is included with the video tutorials for your own personal reference during your lessons. The 20 part series includes full commentary and support by Lee Beran and also includes a bonus segment on getting your model looking create for presentation by Cris Robson (olblue).

You can purchase this set to start learning immediately via the following links;

  • UDemy
  • GumRoad
  • 3d-Palace Store
  • 3D-Palace Patreon System

You can of course find out plenty more details and get help on the way by dropping into our Discord channel. You can find the link HERE.

Good fortune to you! Hard Surface 3d art is a specialist skill and we are here to help you every step of the way!

Version History.

1.0 – Tutorial released.