The Indie Game Developer on a Budget – Some Tips

The Indie Game Developer on a Budget. Now let's not start out on a false pretense... you need a computer, and you need one that can run todays video games ideally - not necessarily on their highest setting of course; My own computer is a first generation i7 with a GeForce 760 I purchased second-hand However, if you are using a game computer I have two recommendations that you may need to beg, borrow (money from grandma) or steal (from your college fund / next month's mortgage payment) in order to get. This is assuming you have the graphics card ... Read More

5 Reasons why making free tutorials sucks compared to 10 years ago.

Free tutorials! What an idea! Back in the 'good old days' of 3d tutorials, all you needed to do was release a video tutorial - sometimes even with you explaining what you are doing - then wait for all that student adulation and sweet advertising revenue to roll on in. So, what is stopping you from firing up Camtasia and getting that tutorial you always wanted people to learn from? Well... probably nothing however a lot has changed in 10 years and the tutorial scene is a wierd place now... 5.  Self hosting your video is a nightmare. Ten years ... Read More