The Underground Compound in UE4 – Lesson 4 – Making realistic modular textured assets of your own.

Enjoy part four of the Underground Compound set!  This time BLUE shows you how to create realistic textures quickly and easily using Quixel's DDo on a wall and window asset that has been simply unwrapped and colour mapped - the colour IDs are then mapped to a texture type and wear is added - after which it is exported and put inside of Unreal Engine 4. It's quick, its easy and it's enjoyable.  Give it a go! Timelapse is underneath in case you just want some fancy fresh tunes and pretty visuals! About the AuthorBlueFounder of Youcanblue as well as ... Read More

Underground Compound Series – Learn to make FPS levels in Unreal Engine 4, Part 3

Welcome to part three of learning how to make an FPS level from end to end using free and built assets!  In this third part of the set we take you a little out of your comfort zone by showing you how to create an asset from scratch using a 3d application!  (In this case 3ds Max).  Following building and a simple unwrap of the piece, we use Photoshop and Quixel to quickly and easily build up it's textures and then put them into Unreal Engine 4! It's easy and GREAT fun so why not give it a try - ... Read More

Editorial : MonsOlympus – Improving the Autodesk 3ds Max Experience

In the following article I will be discussing out-of-the-box 3ds Max versions only. I do appreciate many users have plugins or modified interfaces they prefer and welcome people to suggest their favourites in the comments. They wont however be discussed in this part of this article but I do plan to follow up and will try to include anyones suggestions and/or discussion points later especially regarding sections of the software I use less often. I mainly use 3ds Max for modelling so this discussion will revolve around that more than other areas such as animation. I will try to get ... Read More