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Hey you :)  3d-Palace has been around now for 15 years.  For the past several things have been quiet here as we have tried to adapt to new ways people want to learn and tried to use new social media tools and things like that.  Well... honestly... they were all nonsense.  Social media is contentless nonsense.  So I looked back to when 3d-palace was "good" and turned back the dial (which was a lot harder than it sounds).
So, now, you the Sponsors are more important than ever.  Palace won't go back to chasing stupid social media ideas, streaming nonsense or doing any of that other guff, however in exchange, if you can help and you want to - why not be a Sponsor Member?  We get a better site for everyone with every Sponsor who joins, as it means we can slowly work to add more features and content and restore 3d-palace's crown/tiara/traffic cone.
Even if you can only help with $1 we will still send you a little something - if you cannot afford anything then that is fine too - just come to the discord and say hi.
Anyway - when you become a Sponsor Member (via Patreon) you will not see this message again; Instead ,you will see beautiful Sponsor Member content presented in a nice easy way so that you can basically grab what you need.
(Go on, its the price of a terrible meal)
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