I did my time behind the wheel.

Or why you can have our old tutorials now but I will not be making any new mech tutorials in 3ds Max or any other DCC app.

So, 3d-palace is back and that is nice. I did not actually plan any of this, at the moment I am quite happy not producing tutorials and having to deal with what is basically a completely apathetic and – if I am being honest – pretty ungrateful bunch that for obvious reasons prefers piracy over paying for the honest sweat of my brow. I can go over that for eons though and this is not an attack on you, dear and beloved reader, who is from the ‘other group’ of people. Probably.

Anyway – I stopped doing 3d-palace at all some time back, about the time all the other 3d sites went because my view was “Hey who uses this junk?”. Which is a pretty good summary of running a site in the 2016-2020 period. I did a special one-off commission for an old client of a Viper and I did a commercial commission for Winged Fox in China – which to this point has alledged on the product page that the set has sold 1600 copies, which would give me some $45000 in revenue if that was true. Its not, there are some sketchy-ass rules about honesty over there, and that is actually views of the video preview. Not. The. Same.

As per usual, for anyone that knows how I work, the Gypsy Mech took about 9 months to make and was a collosal project to make. I prefer Game Development now, and that is what I spend almost all of my time doing. In the time i can make a super detailed mech that no one at all is really interested in, I can pull out a fairly complete and decent prototype for a 3d game. Frankly compared to the 3d industry and making detailed mechs, its pretty easy.

Anyway, I dont make robots any more, however I love 3d-printing and the 3d-printing community is great. All they want are more robots and i have loads already. So as a side hobby I am doing that, showing people how to print and giving everyone (yes including you) access to every single damn tutorial i have ever made that I still have a copy of. including the previously quite expensive stuff.

So keep your eyes peeled or whatever. I will be posting soon as I have spare time and there really is not a lot of that around.


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