3d-Palace Sex, Drugs and Hard Surface Robots


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We Teach YOU How To Make Cool Stuff

You found 3d-palace!  Maybe you have been here before, maybe you found us for the first time – either way though Come On In! This is a great website designed for you the 3d artist or Unreal Engine Game Developer, filled with free lessons and learning sets that you can watch and learn from whenever you like!

Any questions?  Just type into Discord and we will try and answer them!  Until then please enjoy the best website for free video tutorials for 3d and game development!

Upcoming Cool Tutorial - The Warhammer 40,000 Stormtalon

A full length, high quality tutorial for anyone who ever dreamed of making awesome spaceships for games, effects or for 3d-printing (your own designs only!).  This set by Leebles is a great way to get yourself into hard surface spaceship building in 3ds Max!

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