Game no longer early access. Demo removed.

I have removed the current demo build of The Wickie so that people are not being misled by the content, which in my own opinion is now very out of date. Since the demo was released there has been a major update to The Wickie several times over, bringing new content, themes and narrative that the demo was not able to convey accurately enough for my liking. A new demo will be out soon, and will cover all of the events of your first day on the lighthouse and will allow for lots of exploration of the island of The Rock, so please do be patient with me!

I promised new images and new video – if you go to the Steam store page for The Wickie you will see that all images and videos are replaced now in the preview area – I will add some more once the major updates are done over the festive season and I will be keeping you posted at all times. I must apologise for not posting frequently about this. As a solo developer, my hours are long and full and unfortunately I have been very busy and unable to keep up with update posting – I aim to get into a better routine of this as of now.

If you enjoyed the demos then THANKYOU. Seriously, I am massively grateful you took the time to try them out. I am working on building the game that I want to play, which means there is a lot of work to do in order to get it all working but I promise there will be a new demo soon!

Finally – I am going to rip the band aid off, and move the game from being early access to being a full version release next year. I do not want people to think they are taking a risk on something that is woefully unfinished, so after some thinking it has been decided that I will instead ship a full release and then go straight into addons and patches following release of the game. Hopefully that will make the game better for all of you and at the same time, prove my commitment to making a working and fun game!

So have a great festive season, be lovely to each other, pet your shoggoth and I will keep on working on The Wickie!

Much love!


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