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    okay, so ive been motivated to take another look at this. a few ideas:

    biweekly challenges –

    game artist net (or whatever the hell your supposed to call it) does challenges every two weeks, they do one texturing challenge and one modeling challenge.

    Is anyone interested in a texturing challenge? because if they’re not we can just try the biweekly modeling challenges

    The major problem i foresee is this –
    a lot of continuous challenges like this require the host to make models for each one so that people can get ideas, i can not do this, i dont have the time nor the interest to make a smaller prop every week. :/ too many other things to do.
    But if people dont mind concept art being posted from google or such to get an idea that this might work.

    The awards system has been installed on palace so it might make things slightly more interesting.

    An idea for week one
    Comp 1 – Sci Fi Space Crate – Everyone needs one in their portfolio
    Comp 2 – Texturing the winners Crate

    Please if you have any ideas or thoughts post below this is something that is going to need support by members or its going to get dropped really quickly.

    (Didnt use one text speak abbreviation there olblue, did you notice?)

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    Actually I think they should be rolled into one. A sci-fi crate is cool an all, but I think if the comps should be low poly comps. Everyone on this site can model, about a handfull can texture….if that.

    So my suggestion is a low poly prop per week, modeled and textured. This gives everyone a chance to meddle with normal mapping and such. Small props are easy for people to make, and easy to unwrap as well. THey also make nice portfolio fillers.


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    yes i would agree with the above statement. anybody want to contribute some ideas for what types of props they would be interested in making?

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    I like the idea of a low poly, I mean you could always open up the mapping side to get some fantastic work.

    Normal maps

    Just tossing some ideas out I would really like to see us kick it with some low poly stuff and go all out on the mapping.

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    Ammo crate
    Cardboard Box (sounds dull, but when mudboxed to death they look cool)

    Hell look around your desk. Props are usually things lying around you all the time (mostly)

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    I still think my idea earlier is viable to avoid these problems.

    Give a topic and make the people decide themself how they want to make it. Every person got special area´s their best in, so this way people could do this.

    So say a topic of “Props in a Military Bunker”

    This could be from simple hard surface things like a cabinet, or more complex things like the entry door to the bunker with mechanical gears and hydralics etc.

    Or organic lookings thing like a dead creature which was used for experiments.

    So many things to do, and every single entry can decide how good he is, and what he´s able to make.

    The most complex things doesnt always have to win. Lots of room to be creative 🙂

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    I also think the people should elaborate on the `set rules` I loved how the previous challenges told a short story and then we were left to our own devices to take the story in whatever way we saw fit. That way the most obscure and interesting models could be made.

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    Why not nicely ask if the winner of the modelling challenge would kindly donate the model for a subsequent texturing challenge?

    Alloy wheel
    Consumer electronics
    Design for a new game console
    Design for a new game controller
    Sci Fi prop – scanner / communicator / headset
    Piece of furniture

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