Dev Diary 17.10.22

Dev Diary 17.10.22

A few minutes left at the end of the day to post up in 🙂

The Gondola Island is now a separate map to the day 1 main which takes place on Gondola island. I went for it and did the hard part and started to strip out the old dialogue systems as well, replacing them with a much better and more efficient system, which means I can also have extended exploration and examination of objects than I had possible before.

In addition to that, the levels are no longer streaming based, instead moving entirely to the world partitioning system in UE5. I resisted it for a long time however the stuttering as areas load up is just too much and the improvements to WP compared to when it first released are staggering.

It honestly means that the game should run just fine on any standard gaming architecture now – I will know for def once Day_1 is converted, however I am very hopeful at this point.

Tomorrow then – let us see how the day will progress! 😀

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