Free Lessons – The Generator, 3d, Quixel Mixer and Unreal Engine 4!

Making assets for games can be easy with a little time and practice. In this great free let of lessons by Cris ‘OlBlue’ Robson of 3d-palace, you will see how to develop a power generator using a 3d application, then export the asset into the awesome FREE application Quixel Mixer, apply textures then export everything into Unreal Engine 4 so that you can see your awesome generator working in-game! Free learning, free lessons and a great new tutorial for 3ds max (or your preferred app), Quixel Mixer and Unreal Engine 4! Dig in and enjoy with Cris, the best hard surface mechanical tutor out there. – everything free, everything awesome.

The Imperial Knight Lessons – Free and frankly, the best!

Oh ho, time to learn awesome things!

The Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Knight – a massive pilot driven bipedal war walker and a new mainstay of the Warhammer 40k universe. I love to teach how robots are made and how to articulate and animate robots and now you can learn too – I highly recommend getting yourself a GW Imperial Guard kit if you can to use as a reference as it makes things a lot easier however you can start even without that, all you need is the courage to begin! Come learn with Cris ‘Olblue’ Robson in this fantastic and hyper detailed tutorial – you will not find anyone who does mechanical modelling and rigging in learning packs at this level! Plus, did you know that this was one of our massive commercial sets and now it is free? Why? Because you wanted it! So come enjoy the set, get yourself a coffee and settle in. The end results are great for practicing your animation, making your own epic robots and creating 3d printable awesome models for yourself! – The very best at hard surface teaching.

Making a Necron Monolith – for 3d Printing, Rendering or just whatever!

Words, no. Tutorial, yes!

Just fill your boots.

This tutorial set will release a new part every day until the 15th of October 2020, so if you are enjoying it please check in here or at YouTube to continue enjoying this great and entertaining set. Note that some parts of hte Appendix have been removed as the techniques are now not used any more or not needed. Also part 6 has sadly been corrupted however you can catch up really rather easily so do not worry!

Cris / Olblue