Game no longer early access. Demo removed.

I have removed the current demo build of The Wickie so that people are not being misled by the content, which in my own opinion is now very out of date. Since the demo was released there has been a major update to The Wickie several times over, bringing new content, themes and narrative that the demo was not able to convey accurately enough for my liking. A new demo will be out soon, and will cover all of the events of your first day on the lighthouse and will allow for lots of exploration of the island of The Rock, so please do be patient with me!

I promised new images and new video – if you go to the Steam store page for The Wickie you will see that all images and videos are replaced now in the preview area – I will add some more once the major updates are done over the festive season and I will be keeping you posted at all times. I must apologise for not posting frequently about this. As a solo developer, my hours are long and full and unfortunately I have been very busy and unable to keep up with update posting – I aim to get into a better routine of this as of now.

If you enjoyed the demos then THANKYOU. Seriously, I am massively grateful you took the time to try them out. I am working on building the game that I want to play, which means there is a lot of work to do in order to get it all working but I promise there will be a new demo soon!

Finally – I am going to rip the band aid off, and move the game from being early access to being a full version release next year. I do not want people to think they are taking a risk on something that is woefully unfinished, so after some thinking it has been decided that I will instead ship a full release and then go straight into addons and patches following release of the game. Hopefully that will make the game better for all of you and at the same time, prove my commitment to making a working and fun game!

So have a great festive season, be lovely to each other, pet your shoggoth and I will keep on working on The Wickie!

Much love!


Are you wondering where the tutorials are?

They are on youtube or dropbox. Actually both. I have the entire commercial archive still, all stored away. Occasionally people ask me for one of the sets and I have to try and remember where it is – a far cry from the site when it was serving up two terrabytes a week or something insane like that. Back then the site was all organised by tutorial type, difficulty and so on. God knows if anyone watched all of them – the odd thing is that once they were done I never rewatched them myself – I did check the mic was working etc however I didnt really have an editing technique, so what you saw was really what I was doing, warts and all. There were a LOT of mistakes 🙂

I’m doing The Wickie now. This was something I started on the back end of 2019 as a kind of hobby indie project to make a rowing boat that you can row out in the mist to a lighthouse.

Now there is still no rowing boat, however, the lighthouse is on an island and all 4km of it are explorable, plus the sizable amount that you cannot easily see under the island itself. I got into the idea of making an open world adventure game, doing it in a Lovecraftian style and focus on the Outer Hebrides as the location. As no one will be suprised, I took to town on the detailing and this is now what I do. In the summer of 2022 I have set my release date on Steam for the game and I am going to go for it.

Thats my game there! I made a thing!

I am extremely proud that I was able to ride the new wave of UE4 in time – I am 50 years old now, I started 3d-palace at 29, just as I was about to hit 30 and I was dedicated to the place and its users for a long time (until Facebook came and murdered us sites all to death). When the tutorial scene was dying hard I was lucky to be offered an ‘in’ to the closed beta for 4. It’s interface was exactly what I was used to and because the system is pretty much similar to now I visualize in Max, off I went. I am now accredited as an Epic trainer for UE4 and 5 which is pretty cool, and to top that off my specialism is teaching architects how to get into UE, something they naturally take to like ducks to the pond.

Go on then… one more.

So thanks to all that were there in the far past, those that may arrive in the near future, and … my dogs! Yes, the dogs!

Oh and I will keep in the previous posts because why the hell not!

I did my time behind the wheel.

Or why you can have our old tutorials now but I will not be making any new mech tutorials in 3ds Max or any other DCC app.

So, 3d-palace is back and that is nice. I did not actually plan any of this, at the moment I am quite happy not producing tutorials and having to deal with what is basically a completely apathetic and – if I am being honest – pretty ungrateful bunch that for obvious reasons prefers piracy over paying for the honest sweat of my brow. I can go over that for eons though and this is not an attack on you, dear and beloved reader, who is from the ‘other group’ of people. Probably.

Anyway – I stopped doing 3d-palace at all some time back, about the time all the other 3d sites went because my view was “Hey who uses this junk?”. Which is a pretty good summary of running a site in the 2016-2020 period. I did a special one-off commission for an old client of a Viper and I did a commercial commission for Winged Fox in China – which to this point has alledged on the product page that the set has sold 1600 copies, which would give me some $45000 in revenue if that was true. Its not, there are some sketchy-ass rules about honesty over there, and that is actually views of the video preview. Not. The. Same.

As per usual, for anyone that knows how I work, the Gypsy Mech took about 9 months to make and was a collosal project to make. I prefer Game Development now, and that is what I spend almost all of my time doing. In the time i can make a super detailed mech that no one at all is really interested in, I can pull out a fairly complete and decent prototype for a 3d game. Frankly compared to the 3d industry and making detailed mechs, its pretty easy.

Anyway, I dont make robots any more, however I love 3d-printing and the 3d-printing community is great. All they want are more robots and i have loads already. So as a side hobby I am doing that, showing people how to print and giving everyone (yes including you) access to every single damn tutorial i have ever made that I still have a copy of. including the previously quite expensive stuff.

So keep your eyes peeled or whatever. I will be posting soon as I have spare time and there really is not a lot of that around.