Microsoft Surface Studio – Hipster Game Developer Game Changer?

The Microsoft Surface Studio has just recently been announced which gave me a few days to mull over what must be one of the most out of left field showings, and one that many people think may well have the power to overtake a flagging Apple, certainly with regard to their often below par support of the VFX industry with their workstations. So, what is the Microsoft Surface Pro and why should we care?  Well, and please remember this is an EDITORIAL, let us look firstly at what makes this a game changer in this author's humble opinion by starting ... Read More

Goodbye 3d-palace Old Friend

Gone but not forgottenIt was 15 years ago as of Halloween 2016 than 3d-palace first officially came to the internet - the site had in fact been going for some 3 weeks prior to Halloween however about the 31st a popular user on 3DBuzz (which was trending extremely heavily at the time) had posted on their forums leading to 500 people signing up on 3d-palace over the next two weeks. What was 3d-palace?  Well it was more of a concept, an idea and an ideal.  The site was supposed to be a place where people who wanted to learn more ... Read More

Review – Quixel Megascans

Website : And Quixel ( just recently released their Megascans part of the Quixel suite via the website This was something that this reviewer was personally very interested to see as it promised a great deal through its glossy teaser videos and the word of mouth that had been spreading and therefore an impulse buy of nearly $20 later (per month) I was ready to start checking out the goods... So let's start out with what Quixel Megascans is and what it is not. Megascans is a library of assets created by the clever people over at ... Read More

Editorial : MonsOlympus – Improving the Autodesk 3ds Max Experience

In the following article I will be discussing out-of-the-box 3ds Max versions only. I do appreciate many users have plugins or modified interfaces they prefer and welcome people to suggest their favourites in the comments. They wont however be discussed in this part of this article but I do plan to follow up and will try to include anyones suggestions and/or discussion points later especially regarding sections of the software I use less often. I mainly use 3ds Max for modelling so this discussion will revolve around that more than other areas such as animation. I will try to get ... Read More

SFM Doodles Episode 0 – Game Development Small Steps for the Gamer

Timelapsed version of the 35 minute show and tell. Full version with audio (Trob and Blue) is below. If you have a fun request for a scene, you can email! Episode 0 (A technical test) of SFM Doodles with Trobzombie - a series on using the Valve SFM editor for people perhaps interested in games and interested in level design and animation but who do not have experience yet with 3d applications, complex game engines and the like. Follow along with Trob and his ENORMOUS ponytail (pics on request) as he demonstrates the simple way to use Valve's SFM ... Read More

Awesome Artist Profiles – David Lesperance

One of my favorite hard surface artists has definitely got to be David Lesperance of Valve Software. (Formerly Blizzard and 343 Industries) Over the years he's worked on numerous major titles such as Halo 4, World of Warcraft, and Diablo 3. The level of detail found in his mechanical and environment art is pretty staggering, and is a great example for artists everywhere and I would definitely recommend checking out some of his personal work here: Detail is clearly king here, and there's no shortage of it, especially with mechanical shapes, the more detail it has then the more ... Read More

Less than a month to go!

It's now less than a month and there is a lot going on at You Can Blue! As I slowly get ready to set the old site adrift on the river, set it on fire and watch the phoenix rise from the flames as this site, there is still a LOT of work to be done to get it all ready! So can you help? Maybe... If you would like to help us then send an email to us and tell us what you think you can do to help. We are pretty busy here so please keep it to ... Read More

Mad Max : Fury Road and its non reliance on too much CG.

So.  At one end of the spectrum (and in this author's opinion it is by far the wrong end) we have George Lucas and his ill-fated Star Wars prequels - were I to show you a compilation of pre-effects shots from those, it would mostly be Sam Jackson talking to a stick while walking slowly and looking sad in an entirely green room - AND YOU KNOW THAT I'M RIGHT. This is why films that rely entirely on CGI hardly ever work - a set that is virtual does not feel 'real' - possibly because the camera does not appear ... Read More

5 Reasons why making free tutorials sucks compared to 10 years ago.

Free tutorials! What an idea! Back in the 'good old days' of 3d tutorials, all you needed to do was release a video tutorial - sometimes even with you explaining what you are doing - then wait for all that student adulation and sweet advertising revenue to roll on in. So, what is stopping you from firing up Camtasia and getting that tutorial you always wanted people to learn from? Well... probably nothing however a lot has changed in 10 years and the tutorial scene is a wierd place now... 5.  Self hosting your video is a nightmare. Ten years ... Read More