Timelapse Cooldown 5 – Unreal Engine 4 mystery island.

WELCOME to the YouCanBlue Timelapse Cooldown number five!  In this timelapse Blue will take you on a journey creating a mysterious island in Unreal Engine 4 using free assets and the Rocks pack from Danny Kauer.  Enough words - have a watch now... The full video is about 55 minutes long before processing into a timelapse and will be available shortly via its own page on the Learning tab of the youcanblue website.  Apologies to all regulars who enjoy the YCB timelapse cooldowns, more will be coming however it has been a busy season as you can imagine and we ... Read More

Timelapse Cooldown 4 – The Cutty Sark

Get your relax on again with another awesome Timelapse Cooldown from YouCanBlue - relaxing music and interesting hard surface combined to make something amazing that you can relax to!  Get out a mug of warming cocoa (it is winter at the moment) and put on your toastiest slippers and relax with 20 minutes of sweet cooldown music combined with awesome 3d. Mmmm Share this PostAbout the AuthorBlueFounder of Youcanblue as well as the founder of a large legacy training site for 3d artists, Blue is a well known and liked member of the 3d and game development community.

Timelapse Cooldown 3 – The Imperial Knight’s Torso

It's that time of the week again!  Get your malt whiskey, a cohibas cigar and your comfiest slippers and enjoy 17 minutes of relaxing music while watching a timelapse from the 3d-Palace legacy collection - again this time it is the turn of the Imperial Knight set however next week we will be exploring the Cutty Sark or the Dreadnought, depending on what people ask for! Tune in, lie back and enjoy - and please use the comments to ask for any specific timelapses from our legacy collections.

Timelapse Cooldown 2 – The Imperial Knight’s Leg

WELCOME to the timelapse cooldown part 2! Had a stressful week? Looking to unwind? Join us for some smooth music and a timelapse to relax and perhaps even get some inspiration from. This week we are looking at the Imperial Knight again - this time the upper leg! In the tutorial that this is timelapsed from you would be looking at probably about 5 hours or thereabouts of leg modelling and rigging and a lot of complex explanations about what is happening. NOT IN TIMELAPSE COOLDOWN. 11 minutes of relaxing timelapse showing lots of complex hard surface things going on, ... Read More

The Timelapse Cooldown 1 – Imperial Knight Leg

Welcome to this week's Timelapse Cooldown. Had a busy day and want to listen to some chillout music while watching awesome modelling timelapses? You came to the right place! This week's timelapse cooldown is created using the tutorial The Imperial Knight for 3ds Max. This timelapse shows how the entire lower leg is made while letting you relax to various chillout numbers, including some rather lovely piano, some trumpet blues, a bit of slow dubstep and a few other tracks on this 15 minute journey into relaxation. You can also buy the non timelapsed full tutorial section that this covers ... Read More