General / 30 July 2018

Set Dressing In Unreal Engine Part 1 – Creating your basic undetailed area

Hello and welcome to the first part of the set dressing tutorial by for you to use and enjoy!

In this first tutorial set I am going to show you how to create your basic level setup – that includes the two main rooms and the large connecting room between.  The connecting room is two times the height of the other two rooms with a recessed floor which will allow us to have more interesting player interaction in slowing the player down and drawing attention to details in the room as well as allowing for a hidden design storyline as we go along.

The requested theme is industrial horror.  I am giving this some thought and will show you how to set up our mini-level accordingly!

On the right you can find the fbx file you will need for the floor/walls/ceiling as well as the game file to play in this area for what is made so far.

This is the file for the FBX file for the wall/floor/ceiling of the rough build in this part.  The file is compressed with WinRAR, available from

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This is the archive containing the executable for this game level so far.  To exit gameplay you will need to enter the console by pressing the tilde ( ` ) and then type exit and hit return.  The file is compressed with WinRAR, available from

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Difficulty 30%
Result Awesomeness 70