General / 09 February 2019

Lets Learn Some Stuff 1 – Installing Unreal Engine.

Lets learn some stuff 1 : Installing Unreal Engine

Hey young person – I’m going to teach you how to develop video games quickly and easily – and for free.


There’s opinions, ideas, homework and an old guy swearing relentlessly – what more could you want… School is toss, College is worse. Uni is great but a bit narrow in focus. Come learn something fun! This first part is all about getting the Unreal Engine installed to your system. Remember if you can play high-end video games, your computer can make them too. Get on board! We have a discord. Use the damn thing but don’t be a dick or you will get kicked off. Yay.

Useful Links – Unreal Engine is

Our Discord is –

The next part will be out soon – yay.  Your homework for this lesson is just getting Unreal Engine 4 installed – if you have a problem drop into the Discord chat you monster.