General / 07 October 2018

Work on the website – update

Hey 3d-palace using people.  Firstly – hello if you are reading this.  I want to update with what has happened recently.  

Today I am restoring the 8 missing years of content to 3d-palace from it’s community.  Perhaps you were a part of it?  Our community was the best 3d community in the world and perhaps we can get a small spark of that back.  Facebook is, frankly, horrible.  I will make stuff here easy as I can for you to use, but please, try it out.

The way I am planning to start is a bit of a tutorial ‘reboot’ (sigh).  However it needs to be done.  Along side the reboot, certain commercial sets will be released carefully into the free set areas in order to introduce the users to various methodologies.  Releases will ideally be managed in the forum.

Finally, submissions will be solicited via the forums that can be fed into our articles system with the goal of finding people not afraid to voice themselves loudly.  Perhaps that is you? 

Hit up the Discord if it is.  Or email me.