General / 15 March 2019

New Beta of Mixer from Quixel - Playing with Texturing Is Funnn.

I love Quixel's toolsets - possibly too much, maybe I am an insane stalker fanboy, I have no idea.  What I do know is that as a colourblind chap of forty-something with an impressive beard, I need all the help I can get in making textures that are;

  • Not pink
  • Really
  • Oh god...

Anyway - Mixer does the business.  That is about all that there is really to this (if it was a review - which it isnt).  If it was though I would say good things about it.  I am anyway now I think of it. I suggest you go try it out.  I will do a tutorial or a review or something soonish as using Mixer literally makes my computer into a dribbling mess of sadness when I add a new material for about 10 seconds every time.

Anyway here is a pretty picture, it took 30 minutes and is six polygons in 3ds Max and Arnold.  5 of those polygons are copies of the main one (because its a cube obviously...)