News / 12 March 2019

Leaving home on a greyhound bus.... 3d-Palace migrates from Wordpress at long last.

Wordpress.  It really is crap.  Ol_Blue.  3d-palace Admin.

3d-Palace (below) is pleased as punch to announce it's immediate and irrevocable move to Artstation.  A site that is better managed, better ran, and frankly just better than us.  We submit!  Well done you magnificent bastards.  

As such even though regular (HA) users of 3d-palace will only notice that things are faster and better, for the new visitor(s), to the site.  Hello!  It doesn't normally have an echo - things are just a bit cruddy as frankly I haven't been all that well for about 5 years and the place went to crap while I was busy being insane / ill / frothing.

You will find all of 3d-palace's tutorials here. If you find them elsewhere then the person selling them is either a liar or it was me trying out something like Udemy and generally being enraged by it.  I will do my double bestest to post up images and things as well as interesting articles.  I have a feeling Leonard on facebook might well find it amusing that I am moving here, however, I acknowledge that this is a great place to be.

Anyway, I have stuff to do.  Not least of which is putting up a load of tutorials.  Groovy.  

See you on the flip side (of something)