Are you wondering where the tutorials are?

They are on youtube or dropbox. Actually both. I have the entire commercial archive still, all stored away. Occasionally people ask me for one of the sets and I have to try and remember where it is – a far cry from the site when it was serving up two terrabytes a week or something insane like that. Back then the site was all organised by tutorial type, difficulty and so on. God knows if anyone watched all of them – the odd thing is that once they were done I never rewatched them myself – I did check the mic was working etc however I didnt really have an editing technique, so what you saw was really what I was doing, warts and all. There were a LOT of mistakes 🙂

I’m doing The Wickie now. This was something I started on the back end of 2019 as a kind of hobby indie project to make a rowing boat that you can row out in the mist to a lighthouse.

Now there is still no rowing boat, however, the lighthouse is on an island and all 4km of it are explorable, plus the sizable amount that you cannot easily see under the island itself. I got into the idea of making an open world adventure game, doing it in a Lovecraftian style and focus on the Outer Hebrides as the location. As no one will be suprised, I took to town on the detailing and this is now what I do. In the summer of 2022 I have set my release date on Steam for the game and I am going to go for it.

Thats my game there! I made a thing!

I am extremely proud that I was able to ride the new wave of UE4 in time – I am 50 years old now, I started 3d-palace at 29, just as I was about to hit 30 and I was dedicated to the place and its users for a long time (until Facebook came and murdered us sites all to death). When the tutorial scene was dying hard I was lucky to be offered an ‘in’ to the closed beta for 4. It’s interface was exactly what I was used to and because the system is pretty much similar to now I visualize in Max, off I went. I am now accredited as an Epic trainer for UE4 and 5 which is pretty cool, and to top that off my specialism is teaching architects how to get into UE, something they naturally take to like ducks to the pond.

Go on then… one more.

So thanks to all that were there in the far past, those that may arrive in the near future, and … my dogs! Yes, the dogs!

Oh and I will keep in the previous posts because why the hell not!

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