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Spaceships - Firefly class ship "Serenity" / "Stormbringer"


Spaceships - Firefly class ship "Serenity" / "Stormbringer" 00001

This is a downloadable set. This fantastic set will have you start from simples shapes and polygons. Explaining every techniques he’s using, Cris Robson will walk us through the creation of one of the most complete and fantastic spaceship ever featured in a tutorial.

In the Firefly / Serenity Spaceship set, you will learn to model every single part of the ship. Including the thrusters, hold, cabin, rotating motors and moving blades. Explaining every move in details, Cris will start with a simple polygon and teach us the many ways of moving all the vertices and edges to get to the shape we’re looking for. Using most of the tools available in 3ds Max, and explaining all the decision making process over which tool to use in different situations, and also the alternatives offered to us, you will build a complete spaceship, some shuttles to keep it company and even a spaceport to have it take off from!

In The Firefly / Serenity set, we learn the importance of planning ahead and using our artist eye to get the effect we’re looking to achieve.

In The Firefly / Serenity set you will learn to :

_ Polygon modeling
_ Edge Modeling
_ Rigging the Firefly / Serenity Spaceship
_ Basic effects for the thrusters
_ Animating the Firefly
_ Render everything and create an animation
_ Over 28 hours of tutorials that will pass by like 2 hours of fun learning

£20 In stock
Spaceships - Firefly class ship "Serenity" / "Stormbringer" Spaceships - Firefly class ship "Serenity" / "Stormbringer" Spaceships - Firefly class ship "Serenity" / "Stormbringer" Spaceships - Firefly class ship "Serenity" / "Stormbringer" Spaceships - Firefly class ship "Serenity" / "Stormbringer"