Now to start on it the next one

This is a personal fan-project that I am working on and blogging about on at the moment. I rarely work on my own material for myself so this has been fun, albeit very stressful. (you try colour matching when you are colour blind) Although this is the first teaser it is actually version 10 in reality as the previous 9 or so were iteratively built on, fixing mistakes as I went along.

The pacing at the start is a bit rushed in my opinion and I may change it yet – I feel I have 10 seconds so I could extend the first peek of the Monolith in the trees a little, along with the first glimpse of the legs. Anyone wondering what software was used (and yes these are my licenses), it’s 3ds max, IvyGen, Photoshop, Premiere, AE, Arnold and Quixel Mixer.

Treetrunks and cliffs are Quixel Megascans assets, ivy has procedurally grown for detailing. Post-processing in AE to make it look gloomy and dark (turns out that if you want the Necrons to look good, don’t put them in a sunny woodland glade. Who knew…) Anyway – teaser 2 where I will hopefully have learned new skills soon. Featuring the first glimpse of the Men of Iron.