Shadow running in full screen on my desktop

“Simply the best VM I have discovered for rendering, priced for the games enthusiast not the 3D Studio!”

TLDR? Just watch the video then.

Sold as an always-on gaming platform, 3d-palace’s Cris takes Shadow through its paces as a real dark horse when it comes to offloading your rendering to a VM or cloud-based service.

Discover what it is that makes this our top choice for a VM compared to Zync, Amazon rendering and MS’s offerings!

Discount code: CRIAHVYY – that makes your first month only £15 (Or whatever that is in your local currency).

This is not a paid endorsement. 3D-Palace purchased the use of all the render engines during this review. The voucher you use will give us a discount against next month, feel free to not use it, however.
The VM’s are all standard at Shadow, the system I am using via them is a Xeon workstation running a p5000 Quadro, presumably set up as part of an NVidia grid system.