So in the past 24 hours I started work on the forest. Originally I was going to keep the teaser in a fairly empty space however I tried the look out on a few people, including my wife, and the feedback I got led me to realise that i was making shit too confusing. Shiny robot in the middle of nowhere generally doesnt mean much – also I was focusing too much on what the Necron was doing and there was no real context.

In the film the Necrons are deactivated and only are waking up as a threat is detected that requires their emergency power to be used. I went with the idea that a single necron was woken by whatever passes for command control as a scout to find out what the threat is and how to counter it. This also makes what i am doing a lot easier

– Necron Monolith has been crashed quite a while

I dug out my Necron Monolith I made several years ago and applied a few procedurals to it then built up a forest scene around it. I am more going for the idea that the forest has grown around the craft rather than it crashing into the forest – hence ivy grows over the ship and so forth.

Anyway – more to come soon i promise. The film is something I am really enjoying at the moment although my poor skills at post and edit are going to be visible real soon.