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The Mystery Skulls Lewis’s Truck Set

In this set you will learn how to work from a single reference image to build an entire model using your artist’s eye, your own judgement and above all by enjoying art and having fun! Our finished model will be low polygon and we will have no problem using it in a game or anything else for that matter!
The tutorial is rendered out in Unreal Engine (which is not shown in this tutorial set) as it gives a much cleaner and faster result, however, all the content of this set is used pretty much “As is” – with the only addition being an emissive mapped to the emissive material slot in UE4. You can do the same using a self-illumination slot in slate in 3ds max, however!
I hope that you enjoy this set and consider being a Sponsor Member Patreon for 3d-palace – £400 of commercial tutorials available to you immediately, the second you sign up. All for $10 – that’s about £8. Sheesh.

Hi, and welcome to 3d-palace’s first FREE complete tutorial in a while. This one is Lewis’s Truck from the awesome Mystery Skulls music videos (link below).

So, in the first tutorial I neglected to add in the big side exhausts, so LadyCakePops from instagram kindly reminded me and I took a few minutes out to make an additional video to show that entire part of the process!

Unwrapping is an art form in itself and quite hard to teach – so rather than spend ages, let’s get you dug in and get you some results in under 10 minutes. We unwrap and prepare the entire model so that we can do some gnarly witchcraft in the next part!

Creating textures can be a nightmare if it is something you have limited or no experience of. In this tutorial Olblue shows you a new pipeline he developed to help you with your simple texturing needs.

Our last visit to the great Lewis’s Truck – this time for an explanation of how the projection modifier works, some advice and tips on what to do with your textures you create!

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