Bank Holiday Monday Brings Out Fresh Warhammer 40k Dreadnought Renders!

/, Blue's News/Bank Holiday Monday Brings Out Fresh Warhammer 40k Dreadnought Renders!

Today I have been working again on some new photos / renderings of older products to ensure that they are still relevant both for techniques and also just to look at. I was working on the Dreadnought set – this used to be four sets but is now going to be a single set containing the dreadnought, dreadnought 2, venerable dreadnought and unwrap set.

Generally, this is considered one of the more fun projects to do and I have seen a great many people do it (and rip it off for their own classes too). Anyway, this is the unmodified Venerable Dreadnought thrown into a modern renderer. I shall be updating the shop area later on.

For people wondering how to do this kind of rendering, I am using Keyshot so the process is;

  1. Ensure model has all transforms reset
  2. Delete parts that are not needed
  3. Apply materials to each section – ie carapace, leg greaves etc is all the same material, that way I can drag in a suitable material for the carapace later.
  4. Export as a fbx
  5. Import it into KS and drag suitable materials
  6. Pick a nice environment for lighting purposes
  7. Wait a while for renders

Anyway I will update the shop shortly 🙂


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