Rendering the Warhammer Imperial Knight because it looks like poop at the moment.

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So, today I did a little messing about with Keyshot – something I have not opened in about (adds a huge amount of time here).  Keyshot makes stuff simple however it also has a habit of making stuff look like it was made in Keyshot.  Seen a watch render?  It was probably Keyshot.  Same with cars and just about anything where it’s a pain in the arse to unwrap your hugely detailed model and apply the same god damn texture to it over and over again forever.  Oh here are the images I worked on today.  If you do not like them it’s because I am not great at ‘Colouring In’.  I make awesome damn robots however I cannot even explain what colour theory is.

Can’t remember how many individual parts the Imperial Knight is, however I know it’s over a thousand parts.  I think the legs are nearly that much on their own in fact.  The upshot of this is, “Hey I ain’t rendering all that…” however the other downshot is that people do not get to see what the end result looks like unless I do a ‘Beauty Pass’.

Anyway – I’m colour blind so chances are the colours are going to be awful anyway.  However here goes – I am going to use these to try and revamp (that is actually a word) the shop so that people will buy this set and give us money so we can buy things.


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