Hey tablet and mobile device users!

//Hey tablet and mobile device users!

How’s it going my miniature technology using amigos!  Now that I am off my island where new ideas were not welcome I have noticed that some 30% (at the moment) of users are using a mobile doohickey to access 3d-palace with 2% using a tablet.  Now personally, I use a Kindle Fire HD8.  It was very reasonably priced and has a good amount of storage and I can view ‘palace on it and all that good stuff (ie listverse and cracked on the toilet), so for all you users who are not chained to a desk, here is what I want to ask;

What parts of 3d-palace are useful when you are on your mobile?  I mean, that screen is TINY right?  This isn’t me dissin’ your phone here, I really need to know what uses the mobile side of 3d-palace has for you?  Is it these blogs?  Do my streams of unco-ordinated mind nonsense take your mind off the lack of toilet paper in cubicle 3?  Do you want to watch tutorials with the phone taped to one eye?  Would you like me to do some sort of gallery (because… duh…Artstation already does that better than I ever could)?

Now I DO want to do some reviews, some information pieces and OF COURSE I want to do more rambling blogs like this.  By the way, we have a comment section for a reason right?  Go use it.  Or reply on facebook if you like – really I am all out of fucks to be given on how you do it, however, a two-way dialogue is great as I really enjoy talking to the users of the site.

Oh and tutorials – no one really knows what kind of tutorials they like.  I call this the tutorial vegan – you have forgotten what a real tutorial tastes like, so any old shit you come across tastes like chicken.  It’s not fucking chicken, it’s a 12-year-old with a Yeti mic.  It always has been.  Come back to meat.  Come back to 3d-palace tutorials.

Oh and hey, that there is Princess the 3d-palace blind Pekingese.  She knows what meat tastes like.  Don’t make Princess sad.

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