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So this is a tutorial that sorta-happened but didn’t really.  Remember I was talking in a previous blog post about how making tutorials gets harder as you are obviously trying to get more detail in, not just because, obvious alertthere is more detail and stuff but also because you have to consider audience retention; I.e. If I am showing how to make panels and rivets for 20 hours then it is going to start getting a bit repetitive unless people can actually see something interesting coming out of it.

I am going to include a video as a quick example of what I mean here, this is the organization of the Dreadnought 2 for a better rigging as the tutorial evolved into the Venerable Dreadnought tutorial.  Now this tutorial evolved in quite an interesting way;

Firstly there was the dreadnought tutorial.  This was an early 3d-palace tutorial set that showed how to create a Warhammer 40,000 dreadnought in a very very basic manner.  I will enclose a picture if I can find one.  The entire tutorial was three parts long and my reference was a single picture that I had found (it was the early days of search engines then and I could not afford the model).  Bertie to the rescue – thanks old pal.  Prepare your eyes!


So the next one you can see as the image preview below from the Vimeo stream.  In actual fact, the Dreadnought 2 set was created to show that a higher detail Dreadnought could be built and was never intended for a final release as a tutorial but as a proof of concept for Games Workshop on using their products to teach 3d.  It was a bit specialist and didn’t happen however the tutorial was released anyway and was pretty popular – it being ripped off by a few universities and early commercial sites pretty much verbatim.

Ok so that is the exact point that the Dreadnought 2 became the Venerable Dreadnought set.  As the Dreadnought 2 (as it was called) was not created really as a tutorial, I wanted to adapt it into a better tutorial that people would enjoy with some extra detail on it.  The set transformed into the 8 gig, two DVD set, the Venerable Dreadnought.  Upgrades to the set included proper rigging rather than the adaptive rigging from the early set, a power fist, venerable helmet, decals, smoke effects, particle effects, animation and cloth materials.  I have some pictures from the set here;

Ok so that kind of makes sense – the ramble from Dreadnought 2 to the Venerable Dreadnought set was a fun ramp up and the difficulty involved was just a small set of steps up so it was easy enough to hold interest for the end user.

Now however we move on to the texturing part of the set.  It had been requested and I thought I would give it a go – as you know, back then I was no texturing guru, even now I am not close to as good as most other texturing tutorial authors so really I need to stick to things that are easier to convey.  The “Texturing the power fist and arm” of the Venerable Dreadnought tutorial was frankly, in retrospect, not great.  I include it free with anyone who grabs the Venerable Dreadnought set however I will not sell it as a standalone set.  I won’t even put it up for free as it is not a great work.  Uninteresting with a mediocre payoff.  I do not even have a good picture I can find which says a lot…

So how does this link in to the Betty tutorial?  What was the Betty tutorial?  It came from someone saying to me that the Betty from Aliens 4 would make a good tutorial.  Ok, it is a good ship and I was a bit hyped as I had not made a spaceship in ages since the Serenity thing.  However let’s look at the Betty;

It’s beautiful however it is also not a great tutorial ship.  Why?  Because it can either be low poly and textured galore (as seen above), or it can be a 50-hour tutorial set that requires you to repeatedly make variations of the same details over and over again for about 35 of those hours.  There is NO fast way to make this tutorial for the second option – that would be about 4 months minimum and even then. only if I could get into the project mentally (and trust me, the fun wears the hell out when you are not making any money and you are a month into a vanity project like that).  The upshot is that the scaffold was created and nothing else – the scaffold being the low poly cage work that defines the basic shape.  Honestly, for any form of closeup it would need midpoly at the least and to be textured anyway.

So that my friends is why the Betty has long vanished – having only made it to a three-part (disappointing) tutorial that was never really released.  Serenity exists and, if someone wants to pay me on a weekly basis to keep me interested then sure I can do this one, however, I need to find a stream of income for 3d-palace as it doesn’t have one.

Anyway roll on my old friends, I have good tutorials for you to enjoy and I will work on presenting them and developing them as long as I can afford to.

Blue – march 24


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