[Clinic] – You can make cool things if you schedule and try hard.

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Two blog posts in one day – anyone would think I’m trying to get things done… However, this is a separate thing completely to the earlier article about the Betty tutorial.  So, about this time last year I said on facebook that I was trying to save money to do some VR development and perhaps some tutorials.  A good friend was kind enough to give me a DK2 Oculus and so I tried my hand at some game dev using Unreal Engine 4.

Well, it was fun, really enjoyable and something that you can make and just see working right away.  You make assets and place them as you normally would, however, you are taking into account new ways of interacting and so forth.  Well – from that I came up with a concept with the help of my wife and started producing [Clinic] – a way to help people who suffer extreme and life-changing phobias or OCD in certain ways.  Tests went well, however, the system bricked during an update (it is now working again) and I upgraded to a full Rift instead to develop on.

So – I can do it and that means anyone can.  I have an app to make assets (that’s Max), I have an app for texturing (Quixel studio and Photoshop) and I have a game development tool (Unreal Engine 4).  Using those 4 pieces of software – and you can sub out the paid ones for free ones easily enough – allows me to make just about anything.  Seriously… [Clinic]’s primary main area is huge, not open world but still huge and takes some time to traverse, while at the same time taking into account the comfort of the person using the system.  Journeys are made in small trips, not large ones and areas are locked out until the user has finished the area they are working on.

Tomorrow I will be working on invisible waypoints – that will allow me to make sure that the user is hitting the correct places on the individual areas that they need to visit in order for it to be effective.  After that, I will work on the narrative script which I will record myself and then finally I will finish the interface and menu system.  I will be broadcasting as much as I can with the intention of trying to show that you can make a VR project solo – I can not code for love nor money but I can use the BP system in UE4 and make things work – so can you.

Anyway – I will be about online tomorrow so if you see the Twitch stream indicator on, that’s me!  Come say hello 🙂  The moral of this blog is that yes, doing things on your own is hard BUT, you can do it.  Use a diary, schedule time for the project and just try and do something you enjoy, especially at first! Then the project will start to come together and you will learn many useful and important skills you can use in future projects both solo and as a team.

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