Unreal Engine 4 and Nvidia and ILMfxLAB… Well holy crap check the render demo!

//Unreal Engine 4 and Nvidia and ILMfxLAB… Well holy crap check the render demo!

Yeah so today I saw the news about Nvidia and Unreal Engine 4, yada yada yada, normally I am not really that interested if something doesn’t impact me however hey, I was bored so I thought I would watch the video (Best site editor ever right).  Yeah, holy shit.  Ok watch the video then we can talk…  (under the video probably)

Yeah holy shit.  I know Unreal Engine 4 is the balls however seriously, shit man.  That is real time you are seeing there.  Raytraced reflections that look more or less perfect as far as I can tell (Im sure someone will say otherwise.)

Here is a quote;

During today’s “State of Unreal” opening session at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), the three companies presented an experimental cinematic demo using Star Wars characters from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi built with Unreal Engine 4. The demonstration is powered by NVIDIA’s RTX technology for Volta GPUs, available via Microsoft’s DirectX Ray Tracing API (DXR). An iPad running ARKit is used as a virtual camera to draw focus to fine details in up-close views.

Yeah that means it looks pretty close up.  In real time too.  So here are the features that it gives anyway (not that I have the hardware however a bearded dude can dream…)

  • Textured area lights
  • Ray-traced area light shadows
  • Ray-traced reflections
  • Ray-traced ambient occlusion  (makes things look EXTRA purdy)
  • Cinematic depth of field (DOF)
  • NVIDIA GameWorks ray tracing denoising (I think thats the fuzzy broken tv crap that low quality raytraces have – the more you know etc)

So in summary, if you have a stupidly expensive workstation and produce film level effects you will be all over this shit.  Meantime I will be using the plain-jane Unreal Engine 4 (which still kicks the everloving shit out of Unity3d so tough.)


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