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First up I have had some questions about the dog… typical. Ok so that is Panda, she is a Japanese Chin, nearly five years old and has a trapped spinal nerve (which makes her walk a bit oddly) and bad rear legs, however, we love her and she sleeps next to my head most nights, happily farting and generally smelling like an old tramp that fell in a well. Anyway, hope your curiosity is satiated.


Look at her! LOOK AT THE CUTE DOG! Now buy tutorials so I can feed her!

Rightyo then – so progress has gone surprisingly well. I have been up until about 2 am this morning working on things and getting tutorials back online and while I realise that it is not absolutely fucking amazing, it is about 99.56% better than anything 3d-palace has been for about 10 years. Think I am talking hyperbole? Nope. 3d-palace has been shit. So shit in fact that I decided to literally chuck it in last year and try a new site. From this, I learned two things.

  1. YouCanBlue was never going to work.  The name even sounds horrible.  It is dead now, shot in the back of a dumpster then set on fire.
  2. Some of the ideas worked.  Blogging and shit.  This is because of a couple of things that really took me a while to work out.

You see, 3d-palace was a video blog.  Sure I was teaching people things, however, I was also dicking about, enjoying myself and generally not worrying about making hyperdetailed pieces so much as entertaining people.  There was just one fundamental problem… I did not realise.  I did not think it was a video blog – people were enjoying it for the commentary, satire and generally all the other stuff that came with it, whereas I had no idea and was just doing what I did.  This means that when I ramped up the tutorials because I thought people wanted harder and more exciting stuff, well what they wanted was probably more of the same.  And when that did not work… well I tried even more complex things of course!

Need an example?  Sure you do!

Ok so this… this is the Chaos Scorpion tutorial.

Good tutorial, nothing madly complex, it was based on a Warhammer 40k model that had just come out at the time.  Making it was pretty easy as the detail levels are fairly low and overall the entire project could be completed in about a day/evening as a hobby and you would have a working piece at the end of it.  The set was free and very popular.

Now, this one is the Imperial Knight from Warhammer 40,000 and it is my latest tutorial set.

It’s a commercial one (you pay for it) and it is about 30 hours long and the modeling is pretty complex.  It was NOWHERE near as popular as the other tutorial.  It was made about ten years later and by comparison, the legs on the Chaos Scorpion have 5 moving parts.  The legs on the Knight have about 300 moving parts leading to the hip.  Everything was built for a reason too – so there are parts that hold on the armour, parts that reinforce other parts and so on.  It is actually a great set however the complexity probably has put more than a few people off.

I am my own worst enemy…  Anyway, I am going to TRY and focus on smaller tutorials/video blogs.  It’s hard however I think I can do it so please be supportive as I would like to get my mojo back 🙂

Meanwhile please enjoy the pictures of my dog.  She is very cute and I will try and include her in future videos.

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