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Turns out that I don’t really understand the internet at all.  I’m 46 now – quite an age, the age of a person who remembers when 3d applications were new and exciting.  Now you buggers all forget how much 3d is in every damn thing we see on tv and certainly in games and the wonder is gone I think to a degree.  Which leads me to wonder what direction a site that teaches 3d to an ever disinterested group of new artists can do.

Make it shorter and less informative – well that seems the trend however it smells of idiocy and bullshit.  Surely there are people who have concentration spans still?  Then again I know that I am not great at concentrating myself so I cannot really say anything – I found I had played Subnautica for about 10 days…  Most games I look at get about 15 minutes so I can go, “Hmm graphics are shit.”  because I am cynical (and jealous) however that Subnautica held my attention like a bag of crack to a politician.

Anyway, I do not blog much – in fact on a serious note this is the first time – as a blog I mean.  I post up news and stuff however perhaps how I do stuff in general might interest people along with my mindset and all that mad garbage.  I might put it on video, who knows.  I really am massively shit at video editing.  And marketing.  3d-Palace really got popular as a fluke really, i think people liked the whole fresh “hey I am actually enjoying 3d and hope you do too” thing.  Now everyone is miserable as balls and all I hear is the collective sigh of effort whenever someone brings something new out…

Anyway look, if you remember 3d-palace and want in on whatever the fuck this is then comment, do stuff, I don’t know what but interact with the site.  If you can’t then explain in what way I can make it easier to.

Fuck that was me trying to do a non blog bit.  See what I mean – a stream of consciousness…

To be honest beer and smokes are the direction I am going in again.  Lets see where it leads if anywhere – gotta be better than the relaunch shit I have been doing for the past few years (8?).

Take it easy hombres!


ps, I corrected a load of the grammar but then thought that was pretentious so sod it.


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