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For 3ds Max, Quixel Studio and Unreal Engine although the techniques will carry to most other similar applications.

3d-Palace and olblue are both pleased to release this new set (three parts) of tutorials showing how to make a mid poly hard surface strong box asset that you can use in a game or in a viz project or anywhere really. Print it even if you like! In this part (the first part), the strongbox is created in real time using modelling tools and then unwrapped and prepared for export. It’s easy and fun, give it a go!

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You can also upload your assets to artstation and sketchfab easily so why not try! And don’t forget if this helped even a little to play it forward and show your friends, comment and like!

It’s part two! From 3d-palace the second part of the Strongbox tutorial shows you how to create the textures you will need to make your new asset look great – and it is easy too! Using Quixel Suite even a colourblind old fool like me can make good looking textures for their asset that can be used in just about any 3d package or real time game engine. It’s great to be back making tutorials! Come watch some 3d-palace goodies now we are back online!

The final part of our newest (Im hoping there will be plenty more) tutorial from 3d-palace, this part shows you how (optional) to import your asset into the Unreal Engine 4 game engine and build a material for your asset so that you can use it to do games or archviz or even just render it inside the game engine.

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