TUTORIAL – The 3d-Palace Strongbox Tutorial for 3ds Max, Quixel Suite and Unreal Engine 4

Our first proper new FREE tutorial at 3d-palace.com for over two years – come and enjoy the Strongbox Tutorial! A great tutorial for any hard surface artist looking to start out, this set shows you how to create a new asset completely from nothing in 3ds Max, a strongbox useful for perhaps using in a game or as a visual interest piece in a render or archviz even.  It’s nice and easy to make using standard polymodelling and unwrapping it is a SNAP using 3ds Max’s built in tools!

After unwrapping it the second part of the tutorial shows you how to use Quixel Suite (Ddo) to create teh textures for your strongbox quickly and easily.  A simple worn decal is created for the top of the box at the start of the third part of the tutorial and then it is off to Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 where the asset and textures are imported and put into a real time game engine so that you can use it any way you want!

Alternatively why not put the asset into 3ds Max with its textures again or put it on sketchfab like I did…

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