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So, it’s been a while (some of you will have noticed) since I made a new tutorial set, since I made a mech, or since really I did just about anything that you as a beloved member of the old 3d-palace / new YCB community would enjoy. There are various reasons for this so I am going to finally address one or two of them.
Firstly as you probably know I burned out. The lack of interest, lack of finances and general loss of my own self-confidence has been a threefold issue that has caused so much stress here and frankly has been a complete bastard to get on top of. I’m not fully on top of my self-confidence issues which in part were from the slow collapse of ‘palace however things are going to improve because;

Secondly, if you use 3ds Max for nearly 20 years along with game engines and other useful things like that you do eventually learn some useful skills. The high polygon skills I learned would sadly not be that useful when it came to working with game engines however if we step down a little to mid poly and use high polygon as normals or even reference for texturing then we can get a lot more done. I spent a LOT of time looking at whether to move into game dev, however, I realised after a lot of research and trial/effort, that there are already more than enough one person games, mostly terrible and some few good to go around. However using game engines for a serious proposition? Not so many.

So, as we go along on I am going to take you with me on this project – [Clinic]. I will not tell you too much as I am hoping that this will eventually allow me to again support my family properly and I need to make sure that I get this running before I shoot off my mouth too much, however, this is a good place to show you what I am doing, how I do it, why I do it this way and so on. I’m going to use Max > PS >UE4 – because I know how to use them and for no other reason. I will TRY and take time though to add some other 3d applications – especially with what terrible things AD seems to be doing to Max at the moment – so please bear with me on this. Patreon members will get anything first (information/video / streams) just in case you were wondering.

The plan is not simple and already underway. Firstly I am seeking a corporate sponsor to replace damaged hardware I cannot afford to replace (old) however should this fall though I will continue to work in ‘limp mode’, it will just take longer.

Secondly I am going to fire up a Kickstarter campaign to raise a small sum to allow for hiring additional talent and purchase some assets that the project may need.

…I can hear the sighing. I did mention that [Clinic] was the project I was on – I didn’t mention that it is most of the way through it’s initial development and there are several working prototypes. It’s been tested rather thoroughly so far and is proving extremely capable for the task. IT IS NOT A GAME. I will give you more details soon I promise however I’m mentioning this as what I am trying to say is that the investment in this will be to polish not to produce. Again like the ‘limp mode’ I can get this done on my own however I want to get this done and make it really good and worthwhile.


To you all – thanks and remember that occasional prodding really is a help, knowing that there is a voice out there. blue @ youcanblue . com is my direct mail (which I always answer, within reason of course).

To answer a few extra questions no I do not want to hire anyone do not send me anything. Yes, the project is under wraps. I will not be discussing any sponsorship from corporate areas unless appropriate.

The image up there is all you are getting for the moment, sorry. I always liked a nice clean style and the tiled look works nicely with the [Clinic] theme. Again it is NOT a game.Blue
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Founder of Youcanblue as well as the founder of a large legacy training site for 3d artists, Blue is a well known and liked member of the 3d and game development community.

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