Introducing [Clinic]

[Clinic]? So, it's been a while (some of you will have noticed) since I made a new tutorial set, since I made a mech, or since really I did just about anything that you as a beloved member of the old 3d-palace / new YCB community would enjoy. There are various reasons for this so I am going to finally address one or two of them. Firstly as you probably know I burned out. The lack of interest, lack of finances and general loss of my own self-confidence has been a threefold issue that has caused so much stress here ... Read More

Using Nuke for 3d Artists – Wayne Robson’s TOP SECRET lighting tips using the Imperial Knight!

In Episode 19 in Nuke for 3D Artists Wayne Robson shows one of his personal top tricks. It shows how you can use NUKE to set up the lighting in your 3D app in a VERY short time. You won't want to miss this half hour tutorial. Although he shows the setup in 3Ds Max and V-Ray in this video, it's so simple it can be done in any 3D app with any render engine with ease. Follow Wayne for more videos and important updates! Instagram: Twitter: @WayneRobson Soundcloud: Spotify: Share this Post