Adobe Project Felix Announced

It certainly is the season for new release announcements! Today Adobe has announced Project Felix – a new toolset that will enable the artist to create photorealistic composites using 3D assets such as materials, models and lighting setups while at the same time using 2d images.
The first release of Felix, which is now available for you to download (Mac or Windows 10) is a somewhat stripped down workflow that allows you to place 3d objects into the world space over any background image. The system allows for importation and manipulation of 3d objects inside of the application as well as placement of textures and lighting etc. Eventual plans would appear to bridge to Photoshop and the other image based tools that Adobe produces however already there are some interesting things of note. (More after video)

  • Auto-Lights – The software automatically create lights from your image so that your object looks like it naturally belongs in the background. In a single-click Felix will generate an environment (Image Based Light) for you so there is no additional complexities that working with lights can bring.
  • Auto-Align to Image Horizon – Project Felix automatically detects the vanishing point or horizon in your image. Your object will scale and align realistically and proportionally with respect to the perspective of your image.
  • Magic Wand – Selections in a manner similar to the Magic Wand from Photoshop but 3D aware by using machine learning systems to determine logical edges based on the shape, curves, symmetry and patterns.
  • Real-time Render Preview Window – This shows you how your design will look with respect to lighting, shadows and materials.
  • State of the art photorealistic rendering – Project Felix comes with a powerful rendering engine that allows you to preview your changes without making you wait for a final render to export.
  • Interoperability with Photoshop – Export to PSD

Naturally we will let you know more once more news is available and ideally once it isn’t only available on Windows 10.  (Shudder)

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  • Blue

    The previous offerings from Adobe with regard to 3d have not been great so far – Im curious to see what this amazing renderer they are talking of is.