Timelapse Cooldown 2 – The Imperial Knight’s Leg

WELCOME to the timelapse cooldown part 2! Had a stressful week? Looking to unwind? Join us for some smooth music and a timelapse to relax and perhaps even get some inspiration from. This week we are looking at the Imperial Knight again – this time the upper leg!
In the tutorial that this is timelapsed from you would be looking at probably about 5 hours or thereabouts of leg modelling and rigging and a lot of complex explanations about what is happening. NOT IN TIMELAPSE COOLDOWN.
11 minutes of relaxing timelapse showing lots of complex hard surface things going on, several smooth jass and blues tracks including a couple of upbeat numbers to keep you awake. All you need to add is whiskey, a fine cigar (or some kippers if you do not smoke cigars) and some comfortable slippers. A kitten helps too.
Relax, tune in and enjoy – Timelapse Cooldown 2. Mmm. Nice.

You can also buy the non timelapsed full tutorial section that this covers for just $7.50 by clicking the button below, which will take you to a ssl secured secure payment via Gumroad.

I would like this.

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