Nintendo Switch, Unreal Engine and the Indie Developer – GameDev News

The Nintendo Switch has just been announced and this heralds a new and exciting time for the indie game developer. The new system features Nvidia technology and will be compatible with the latest game engine technology, including the Unreal Engine which we know is a favorite of many of our viewers. This means that there is a whole world of awesome games that can be made and as a game developer or artist you can be at the forefront of development, with Unreal Engine 4 almost certainly being updated soon to allow builds for the latest Nintendo lovechild.
Even for ‘just’ the casual or hardcore gamer there is a lot to be excited about with it’s innovative portable play combined with Nintendo’s love of pushing the envelope when it comes to playability however I think it is really a time where the indie game developer is going to get a chance to really come up with something exciting or innovative – although remember that indie game developers will still need to be partnered with a recognised publisher such as the EA indie label (Originals) in order to get access to the sweet sweet goodness of the devkit and release agreements needed for an actual release. None the less however the average user of Unreal Engine will still have just about all the tools needed to be prepared!
Zoink! Recently announced that they are developing (via EA Indie (Originals)) for the Switch and that they have devkits in. They are naturally not going to share much more than that however I suspect we are going to see some good things!
Meantime don’t forget to check out the video preview of the Switch (on the right)!

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