The Archive Presents : Road to SFM Part 1 – Timelapse

/, video tutorial/The Archive Presents : Road to SFM Part 1 – Timelapse

This is the timelapse version – not learning enough from this? ITS THE TIMELAPSE! Watch the full version (there should be a funky link in the video!)

Welcome to the Road to SFM with your hosts Blue and TrobZombie – in this series we are going to be looking at the SFM (Source Film Maker) and different ways you can use it to achieve different results! In this set Trob (with the help of Blue) will demonstrate how to make yourself a funky-ass poster for your Steam account using SFM, while Blue (with a little help from Trob) will show you how to make some minor adjustments in Photoshop.
This is a lesson – have fun!

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