Free – Android Wallpaper Using Unreal Engine, A Set of Lessons with Blue

Start Your Engines…


This set of lessons is suitable for someone who has only just started using Unreal Engine and has no developed skills yet. Using this short course will teach you how to create an animated Android Wallpaper in about an hour.

Tools used are;

Remember – there should be nothing holding you back – this set of lessons will teach you important skills such as;

  • Managing your project
  • Placing assets to make a realistic scene
  • Building your scene
  • Creating and positioning cameras
  • Making your first simple blueprint
  • Working with Animated Assets
  • Working with Particle Systems
  • Using third party tools to capture animations
  • Creating animated GIFs

So, good luck to you and above all have fun!  I think you will enjoy Blue’s open, mature and easy to follow lessons so, book yourself some ‘me time’ and learn some new skills.  If nothing else you will have an awesome new wallpaper to show your friends.

Note – no project files are included with these lessons as Blue was using some commercial assets that he is unable to share.

Blue Says…

Never take learning for granted. Sure there are a lot of free tutorials now all over the internet however most of those are “show and tell” – if you want to learn, you want to be learning from someone with some real teaching experience, and if you want to take it further, never resent paying a few dollars for quality courses if they are going to help you. Piracy directly affects the small tutorial and lesson house. Please – if you like it, buy it.

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